Why You Need Social Media For Your Business

With roughly 3.78 billion users worldwide and a large percentage being business owners, it’s no surprise Social Media is seen as a necessity to help grow your brand.

Not only does Social Media create brand awareness and maintain company culture, it’s now an essential part of every businesses Digital Marketing strategy.

From basic wall posts and stories to full ad campaigns, Social Media contains so many tools to utilise. It’s also a great way to form a loyal audience and customer base, as well as effective (and free!) networking. Since companies have gone online and now posting regularly on socials, customers feel more personally connected to the brands, grow to trust the people behind the brand and therefore consume more.

Relationships, (whether real or superficial) are also continuously being formed between the seller and the consumer. The advancements in social networking provide the opportunity for businesses to create a shared identity within its closely aligned online community.

You don’t need to be selling a particular product to promote your business on these platforms. Whether it’s for a physical or virtual service, point of contact or general cause, creating a Social Media strategy will help you get recognition online.

What is a Social Media strategy you may ask? Well, it’s pretty much a clear and direct summery of what you plan to create and do on Socials. Everything from the early stages of content creation to tracking your campaigns performance through analytics and statistics. You want a strategy with a clear goal in mind.

If you’ve only just created an Instagram account or Facebook page for your business and feel overwhelmed with where to begin, there are many helpful resources online and tools which can guide you through the general steps of creating and executing a campaign from start to finish.

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